About Us

Lifestyles 55 Plus

Lifestyles 55+ is a  multi dimensional approach to delivering the right consumers to you. It is about reaching target consumers involved in the right activities at the right time, in their planning and decision process. Lifestyles 55+ yields a readership of thousands per month by both print and digital copies. Magazines are placed strategically throughout Middle Tennessee at locations carefully chosen to target seniors. Lifestyles 55+ is easy to find in places like senior living centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, medical offices, hospitals, clinics and nutrition centers. Our readers and fans of are interested in health, wellness, nutrition, vacation, home buying and improving with age. They are active consumers who seek solutions for looking good and feeling great. The Lifestyles55+ community of readers, fans and friends is specifically defined by their common interests and goals. For those seeking self improvement, Lifestyles55+ provides both inspiration and easy access to local experts and resources.

“It’s our goal to give seniors the tools they need to have a better lifestyle and to experience a positive outlook in all aspects of life.”
Greg Bounds – Publisher
Garrett Epps – Publisher

Distribution in  Davidson, Maury and Williamson Counties.